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FRIENDS – givers of unconditional love, support and guidance Friends are the family we choose. They stick by you when your family is intolerable or unsupportive, when partners leave us and when your world seems to crumble – they are there to pick you up! They want you to be happy. We love and trust […]

Ditch what’s holding you back and get excited for Spring!

Energetically, Spring is a wonderful time to engage in new activities, set new goals and to re-focus your energy. Kinesiology is wonderfully powerful at assisting you to remove blockages and bring fresh, light energy into your system. Throughout August SAVE $30 off your initial consultation for Holistic Kinesiology with Cath. So why try kinesiology? 1) Free […]

Reclaiming the dawn

I absolutely LOVE dawn. It’s my favourite time of the day. I love the stillness, I love the first glimpses of light, I love the colours, I love the feeling of freshness and all the possibilities of a new day, I love being the first surfer sitting in a dark ocean waiting for the light […]