Ditch what’s holding you back and get excited for Spring!

Energetically, Spring is a wonderful time to engage in new activities, set new goals and to re-focus your energy.

Kinesiology is wonderfully powerful at assisting you to remove blockages and bring fresh, light energy into your system.

Throughout AugustĀ SAVE $30 off your initial consultation for Holistic Kinesiology with Cath.


So why try kinesiology?

1) Free yourself – release that ton of emotional baggage that is draining you and weighing you down

2) Find yourself – connect into your inner-self and feel what it is your heart is asking of you

3) Fuel yourself – invite in new, fresh energy and feel uplifted and motivated to transform for the better

MOTIVATION – have you got it?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

Create the life you deserve and desire.

I often hear my clients say “I know what I should be doing, but I just can’t get motivated to do it”

Well, this is something kinesiology can help with!

Perhaps the pure language of “I should” needs to be addressed and changed to “I want to … because …”

Do you have clear goals? Do you have deadlines? Do you reward your achievements?

Kinesiology can assist you to find your drive and focus in any sphere of your life – whether that be our personal or romantic life, your physical health, your career goals and beyond…

Take advantage of this $30 discount and find out how a few kinesiology sessions can get you on track for a powerhouse end to 2016.

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