Eczema – treat the cause, not the symptom


Eczema: a picture speaks a thousand words.

And what you see on her face is the start, it was also all over her body and particularly bad in her elbow and knee creases.

Scroll to the bottom to see the “after” photos.

QUESTION: How can you naturally heal this type of severe eczema? Read on to find out …

My daughter suffered from horrific eczema. We were forced to ‘strait-jacket’ her when she slept, constantly watch her to stop her scratching and tried EVERY cream, potion and lotion on the market; natural and steroid based.
We saw several natural therapists, 3 GPs, even a dermatologist, who after not being able to help us over the course of several weeks and numerous different creams wanted to send us to Sydney to see yet another specialist.

After months of despair we finally found a naturopath/homeopath who solved the puzzle and put us on a treatment plan that cleared up her skin in just a few weeks.

ANSWER: food sensitivity testing and mineral analysis to assess for nutritional deficiency and toxicity. The results of these tests told us that her gut was inflamed and not working well at all, so began a treatment program to heal her gut, reduce her sensitivity and regain her health.

Just a few weeks into treatment and we see clear skin simply by eliminating inflammatory foods and healing the gut.

Please note! This treatment plan did NOTHING to treat the skin – no creams or special baths: nothing!

The SKIN being inflamed, red, itchy, weeping is the SYMPTOM. To heal, we must treat the CAUSE = the GUT.

After seeing this ‘miraculous’ cure in just a week or so, I was astounded that so many health professionals, both mainstream and alternative, had overlooked this quite simple cause of my daughter’s eczema – food sensitivity and poor gut function.

After receiving the results of our daughter’s food sensitive blood test it was very clear to see what foods we needed to avoid and once these were eliminated from her diet, the improvement in her skin was amazing. Together with this food elimination program, we did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which showed some toxicity and deficiency. To address these issues we gave her supplements and followed a detox protocol.

To help proliferate positive gut flora, we began a program of probiotics, digestive enzymes and other gut strengthening foods like kefir yoghurt and fermented foods.

The end result – a happy and health child with gorgeous clear skin!

Thankfully, her gut health has improved so much that her sensitivity has come down across the board and we are able to re-introduce many of the foods she was previously unable to eat.

At Holistic Health Advice I offer: Food Sensitivity Testing, Essential Nutritional Mineral Analysis and other pathology testing to assess what for what is causing your eczema, psoriasis or asthma.

I have found that many ASTHMA suffers can experience similar reduction in symptoms through determining which foods cause an inflammatory response in their gut and lungs.

For help, advice and a treatment plan for adults and children with asthma, psoriasis and eczema

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1 month after treatment began                            2 months                                        3 months    HAPPY & HEALTHY