Enhance Brain Function: calm anxiety, focus your mind

Primary Brain Points are acupressure points on your skull that stimulate the flow of blood, cerebral spinal fluid and energy in the cranium. They can be used to calm the mind and enhance mental focus.

By applying essential oils onto the acupressure points listed below, we enhance the ability of the brain to function through facilitating greater oxygenation of the brain’s cells, calm the central nervous system and draw energy and blood the periphery of the brain where our higher-level thought processes occur. If you do not have essential oils, points can be held with gentle pressure until a subtle pulse can be felt.

Chinese Acupuncturists have known for thousands of years the value of these points in stimulating positive change to mental health and wellbeing. Combine this knowledge with theraputic grade essential oils, that can pass the blood brain barrier, and you have a brilliant transformational combination. The tiny molecular structure of essential oils allow them to be able to pass the blood brain barrier, where many other medications and  substance are unable to travel. This is one of the many reason why essential oils are so powerful in being able to act on the brain’s chemistry; they are able to penetrate gently into the brain and alter the mind’s state.

Governing 16, located where the spine enters the skull:


Anxiety sufferers will find this point particularly helpful. People suffering from acute anxiety are often ‘locked’ into a state of constant hyper-vigilance; ‘Fight/Flight/Freeze’ survival response. This ‘switched-on’ response happens in the amygdala, or primitive/emotional brain. Blood is drawn from the outer cortex down into the instinctual and emotive brain responsible for keeping us alive in high stress situations. Applying a calming oil like frankincense to GV16 (which directly accesses the brain stem and limbic system) can calm the adrenal fight/flight/freeze response and redirect the brain away from being highly stressed and into a calmer state by stimulating blood flow to the periphery of the brain.

Governing 24 and 20, located at apex of skull and just inside hair line at front of head:

gv20 24

GV20 connects deep into the brain and is called the ‘meeting of the hundred spirits’ as it relates to the joining of 100 aspects spirit in unified action. It connects the heart and the mind, stimulates higher order thinking and relates especially to brain integration and coordination.

GV24 is the connection to concrete reasoning aspect of brain function. It is an important point for reasoning through emotional stress.

These points are great when used together as they work to help reduce confusion and give clarity of thought by moving through emotional turmoil. They are also a great combination for balancing the different hemispheres of the brain with each other.

Gall Bladder 20. Located at the base of the skull:


These points are regarded as the primary points for easing tension headache. Apply a drop of peppermint or lavender essential to this area, take 10 long, slow deep breaths, gently stretch the back of your neck and firmly massage the points. Try this natural remedy first – instead of grabbing a paracetamol.

Although primarily used to treat headache, these points are also useful for calming a busy mind and to stimulate energy flow in the brain as the Gall Bladder energy channel flows all over the cranium and within the brain. Thus, a great channel to work on when wanting to shift energy around the head, either to calm or uplift. Below is an ‘map’ of the gall bladder channel on the head.



The best essential oils for your mind:


Anything citrus (orange, lime, lemon, bergamot etc) will add zest and uplift the mind. Great to use while studying or working on a project. Diffuse in your workspace or apply to brain points listed above. DoTERRA offers two wonderfully uplifting blends: Elevation and Citrus Bliss that combine the zesty and uplifting qualities of several different oils.

Attention students: using a different fragrance when studying different subjects can also be useful in preparing for exams. Your brain will relate the smell to the recollection of different specific facts and information of that learning sphere or subject.


For those suffering anxiety or sleep problems, calming and soothing oils like: lavender, frankincense, clary sage, ylang ylang, and sandalwood will help to relax and focus the mind. DoTERRA offers several fabulous blends like: Balance, Lavender Peace and InTune that are great for use on Primary Brain Points to sedate an overactive mind and calm an over-stimulated adrenal response.

Memory can be improve by stimulating energy flow to pericardium and heart energy channels. In Chinese Medicine our memory is affiliated closely with the heart. You’ve probably heard the phrase “to learn something by heart”, memories are formed and enhanced via connection to emotion and heart. So to strengthen your memory apply a heart connecting oil, like geranium, to pericardium and heart energy channels. There are several point on the wrist suitable for this purpose.

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SAFETY WARNING: Essential oils should always be used safely and with appropriate knowledge of possible reactions associated with certain oils. There are several oils not advised for use during pregnancy. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact a trained professional like myself.