Host your own Cleanse Coaching event at home with your friendsHost Your Own Cleanse Basics Class 2 hours 1

These 2 hour wellness workshops are designed to give you all the basics on gut health and the benefits of fasting. You will have all the information you need to get started!

You will be guided through why regular cleansing and detox is so important for your body.

Both hosts and guests receive:

  • Cleanse Collective Coaching Notes: includes juice recipe ideas, meditations, gut health education, goal setting and more …
  • 2 hours of valuable information on safe ways to cleanse and detox
  • Guided meditation and energy healing
  • Steps to keep your group together, focused and supporting each other – access to Cleanse Collective PRIVATE Group

Cost: $45 per person – minimum of 6 people per event.

This $45 fee is deductible off any future Retreat bookings for all guests.

Host receives $100 off any future 3 Day Retreats.