LOVE ‘the juggle’ – or drown!

What do you want more of?

The answer to this question posed to busy mums in my clinic is always the same:

  • To be happy, healthy and peaceful
  • To have more time for myself and be able to prioritise myself

So how do we achieve this? And what does this have to do with ‘the juggle’?

I believe happiness is a choice. Sure, we all have bad days, sad days – where things go wrong, we lose, we grieve and are down – but in the vast expanse of your life, hopefully the happy days outweigh the sad. If not, perhaps you need to be making different choices?

A few weeks ago I suffered a miscarriage and was swamped by feelings of grief and utter overwhelm. I certainly was not happy, healthy or peaceful. Together with this, everything else in my life seemed to be falling apart around me – how is it that when things go wrong, it feels like EVERYTHING goes wrong.

Thankfully, I have a few great tools and gifts that helped me to get back my focus.

The greatest of these gifts is ‘the juggle’ !

I have so many balls in the air: child, husband, home, business, clients, my team, my staff, events to plan, people to contact, places to be … there certainly is a lot. And guess what, just because I’m processing grief and not really functioning, doesn’t mean everyone else and everything else stops too!

It was the drive to get through each day the best way I could, to muster a smile, to be present, to connect, to help, to keep moving forward that pulled me out of my sadness. Together with some exercise, friends and a few good surfs !!!!

Yes, my days are crazy busy. Yes, I do ‘the juggle’ daily. Yes, I get tired. Yes, I get overwhelmed … but,

I love the juggle and the way I manage the juggle is I:

  • Eat well
  • Get up early
  • Exercise
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Endeavour to give as much love and attention to each person I meet
  • Make a conscious effort to be grateful
  • Time to be with my husband (who is endlessly supportive of me! which helps!)
  • Time to see friends
  • Time to be with my daughter
  • Time to surf
  • Time to work

This week I scored some amazing waves and I cannot describe how healing this process is for me. Connecting to the ocean, being challenged by the ocean, pushing myself, being afraid, surviving a big wipe-out, contemplating what it’s like to REALLY DROWN!  … everything else pales into insignificance as I connect to the beauty and wonder of life in its purest form.

So, what is the secret to being happy? I don’t know the exact recipe … but for me it is a full schedule with dedicated time for each sphere of my life. I endeavour to be fully present when within each area of my life.

And I love ‘the juggle’ – I do not drown in it, I devour it with passion.


If you are being overwhelmed by your weekly ‘juggle’, feeling tired and stressed all the time, then perhaps it’s time to seek help.

I would love to help guide you through that process so that you too can feel invigorated and inspired by your ‘juggle’ instead of drowning in it.

If you’d like to transition towards feeling healthier, happier and better able to achieve balance in your life, then come along to my FREE workshop to learn more! Click here to learn more about what I will present @ the Embracing Illawarra health and wellbeing festival on June 19th 2016 @ The Fraternity Club, Fairy Meadow. BOOK into the workshop here.