NATURAL BIRTH TOOLS: acupressure points & essential oils for labour

Has your doctor mentioned being induced and you’d rather go naturally?

Would you like to gently speed up the first stage of labour and assist in the progress of the early stages of  labour?

Would you like to know more about energetically readying your body for labour?

Are you interested in birthing naturally?

Then, essential oils and acupressure points could be part of what you’re searching for.

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists have used acupressure points to turn babies that are breech, bring on labour naturally, to treat pain and emotional distress and more…

This knowledge when combined with essential oils creates a potent energetic force to assist you in your birth.

Essential oils have high resonant vibration that  awaken and align with your body’s energy systems. A very important aspect of labour is maintaining mental focus, essential oils are potent in their ability to access the limbic system (your emotional brain) and be a catalyst for mental calm and a provide a point of focus.

My Mind Body Medicine and Holistic Kinesiology education emphasised the healing principles of Chinese Medicine and I was taught about the flow of energy via meridians in the body. I have also studied Aromatic Kinesiology and Certificate IV in Aromatherapy where I studied in detail the therapeutic actions and medicinal qualities of essential oils.

It is now with great joy that I am able to share this knowledge with you. Below are 2 key acupressure points that every mum-to-be should be aware of and know how to locate and use in preparation for labour. Lavender is one essential oil that is readily available and many people have in their home that you could use. However, there are several other oils that are particularly good in assisting in labour.

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• LI4 (Large Intestine 4)
This point is found on the fleshy bit between thumb and first finger. The woman or her support person can use firm pressure with their thumb. This acupressure point has a dull achy feeling when located correctly. Acupressure to this point can be used to providing general pain relief in labour. It can be very useful as women head towards transition. Midwives and women have reported on the effectiveness of using ice on this point (with the ice cubes placed in a small plastic bag or wrapped in a cloth and then placed over the point). LI 4 has a function of stimulating efficient contractions. It can be useful during labour if contractions are of irregular intensity. A useful acupressure point during the second stage of labour once the cervix has fully dilated. It aids the body’s efforts to move the baby down through the birth canal and can be especially useful if women are tired and not pushing effectively.

• Sp6 (Spleen 6)
This point is found on the inside of the ankle. It is 3 of the woman’s thumbs up (approximately one handbreadth) from the top of the medial malleolus (the ankle bone). If you place your little finger on the top of the ankle bone and use your hand to measure you will be on the point. Find the bone and allow your fingers to slide back (posterior) off the bone into a depression, this is the point.