NOURISH your body

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Your gut health and the food you eat is the foundation of wellbeing.

Too often I hear busy women tell me that they:

  • Don’t have time to prepare healthy meals
  • Skip breakfast
  • Have more than 2 coffees a day
  • Eat a high quantity of processed foods
  • Crave sugar and chocolate
  • Wake up feeling tired
  • Energy levels fluctuate significantly throughout the day

Your food is stored energy. If you want to feel energetic, vibrant and healthy, then you simply MUST put in good energy, quality fuel.

Breakfast is the main meal of the day that many women struggle to get right. Unfortunately, this is a huge pitfall – as breakfast sets you up for the entire day – get it wrong and you’re already on the energetic back-foot.

Breakfast suggestions:

  • Ditch the toast & cereal & coffee
  • Porridge is one of the only cereal-based breakfast I’m keen on. Add LSA & nuts to your porridge for extra nutrition. Or perhaps a homemade muesli that isn’t loaded with sugar and is rich in nuts and other protein
  • Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and nutrition
  • Try a bed of baby spinach, a dollop of hummus, topped with either eggs, salmon, halloumi, tofu or tempe, sausage or other lean protein
  • I love having a vegetable juice! I bought a cold pressed juicer and enjoy: beetroot, carrots, ginger, kale and an apple as one of my favourite starts to the day

Include in your breakfast lean protein and vegetables. I guarantee you that you’ll notice an increase in your energy levels if you put this kind of nutrient and energy dense food into your body first thing in the morning.

The other amazing thing you can do for your body in the morning is to MOVE IT !!! Get outside and go for a walk, a swim, a jog, do some yoga … whatever it is, getting your body moving first thing in the morning will release all the lovely feel-good exercise hormones and you’ll definitely start your day with a smile.

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