NURTURE your heart

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What is it you love (or use to love) doing?

If you had zero constraints of time, money, kids, hubby, work, housework, what would you do with your time?

When no one else is around, when you are alone, what do you think about?

Whatever the answer is, this is your heart song stuff! This is what ignites passion in your life and stirs your soul.

In your week, try to allow your heart to open into this passionate space at least once or twice, ideally daily! This type of activity is so healthy for your mind, body and spirit. If your weekly schedule and demands are super hectic, it is even more important to schedule in heart-time. It is connection to this that brings with it feelings of purpose and contentment. Together, with daily expressing gratitude.

As Grandma always said, ‘Count your Blessings’ – it’s hard to be unhappy when you sit in a place of gratitude.

SO, LOCK IT IN ! Choose when in your week you will create space to be in your heart, to nurture your heart and soul. Do it.

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For me, my heart-song stuff  is surfing, music and learning.

Being in the ocean unites me with my spirit and rejuvenates me in every way possible. The cleansing and uplifting feelings of being in the surf never fails to heal and inspire me. Music sits together in this area of my life. I absolutely love singing with my choir, doing vocal-based meditative practice and simply singing and playing guitar at home by myself. Total soul-food.

Learning is also something that leaves me feeling pumped and excited about life. In recent years, it has been particularly the joy of learning more about energetic medicine and holistic therapies. Every day is another opportunity to learn something new and I love to read books and learn from others. One of the best things about working in a multi-disciplinary health centre is that I’m surrounded by brilliant people who know so much about the human body and natural healthcare. I thrive in sharing my knowledge and learning from others in the centre. Attending seminars, watching educational videos online … there is so much out there for us to explore.

I, of course, also feel uplifted and purposeful when spending time with my beautiful daughter and husband! And this has to be a priority. But the activities that truly inspire my heart are things that I do for the single purpose of nurturing my inner spark.