Reclaiming the dawn

I absolutely LOVE dawn. It’s my favourite time of the day.Reclaiming the dawn 1

I love the stillness, I love the first glimpses of light, I love the colours, I love the feeling of freshness and all the possibilities of a new day, I love being the first surfer sitting in a dark ocean waiting for the light so I can see the waves, I just love it.

Before my daughter was born I would be up most days before dawn at the beach to see the sunrise. Either surfing, ski or board paddling, surf boat training, swimming, doing yoga or simply walking along the beach. It was the perfect start to every day. Witnessing dawn gave me such a sense of peace, that I then carried with me throughout the day.

When I had my daughter, I was still up at dawn! but it’s not to witness the birth of a new day it was to be “Mum” – up for the morning feed, preparing meals, tidying and fussing around the house and before you know it the sun is well and truly up in the sky and another dawn had slipped by¬† – unwitnessed.

This week I made the choice to reclaim the dawn. I set the alarm for 5:20am and was on the sand by just after 5:30am. Briskly walking south towards the seawalls of Port Kembla was fresh and invigorating, turning to walk back towards the lighthouse I get to enjoy every moment of the spectacular dawn and cherish the warmth that washes over my skin.

This activity is so much more than just a ‘walk on the beach at dawn’ for me. It allows me to feel connected to myself, my path, my life and allows me space to clear my mind and begin the day from a place of calm contemplation.

As a mother we put the needs of our children first – as it should be, they need us and rely on us for everything. But there comes a time when we must reclaim some of the things we gave up when they joined us.

What is it you use to do but gave up when you had your baby?

Is there a simple ritual or activity you can add into your life that nourishes and nurtures your soul?

Mothers are constantly giving, supporting and caring for others – as a result often end up neglecting to nourish themselves. Next week I’d like you to think about one small thing you can do to nourish and nurture you.

When we look after ourselves and feel well, we can also have more energy to offer love and support to others.