The best essential oils to take travelling

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it can also be uncomfortable = jet-lag, germ-filled aeroplane cabins, sleeplessness, travel sickness and more …

I never leave home without taking a few oils with me to ease my way through the journey.

Essential oil must haves for travel are:


A drop under the tongue to freshen breath and revitalise, soothe digestion and is antiseptic. A drop rubbed on hands will sanitise and refresh.

Apply a drop to the backs of your ears to help ears to pressurise.


Another great antiseptic that also helps to revitalise and refresh throughout the journey. Add a drop to your drinking water (do not use in plastic vessels/bottles). Lemon is also a natural diuretic so you won’t retain fluid on the flight.


Apply to back of the head and temples to help relaxation and sleep. Lavender is also an antiseptic so will help your immune system to keep the germs at bay.


Applied to wrists can help to combat motion sickness. Peppermint and Lavender also assist with motion  sickness and nausea.

I also always travel with Breathe/Easy Air – a respiratory blend to help sanitise my airway and to breathe easily. OnGuard is a potent germ killer that always remains in my kit.


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