Unexplained weight gain – explained!

Unexplained weight gain was the primary reason this client visited me. Other symptoms included: restless sleep, waking unrefreshed, depression, low energy and vitality.

She had seen her GP, undergone several tests and not been given any clear reason for her weight gain and no further advice other than; eat well and exercise and you should lose the excess weight. She was concerned because she hadn’t really changed her diet or exercise regime, in fact, she had increased her exercise and been even more careful with her diet – and still continued to gain weight.

A simple, non-invasive Oligoscan test revealed the results seen above: across the board low level deficiency in many of the essential minerals, indicating that her gut was not working optimally to assimilate the nutrition from her food and also that her iodine was extremely low. Iodine is essential for thyroid function and to help protect our body from toxic elements. The thyroid regulates our metabolism, thus how our body holds onto and utilizes energy or stores energy (fat). Without iodine, the thyroid was struggling to function – through taking a low daily dose of iodine the thyroid is supported and began to function more effectively. I also recommended some pro-biotic and digestive enzymes to help the gut to be able to breakdown and utilize more energy and nutrition from food.

The end result: sleep improved, energy levels increased and the weight has begun to fall away.

Oligoscan can be used to help us understand your body and health. It can reveal all kinds of ‘hidden factors’ influencing health. Contact me to get your Oligoscan test today.

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There can be many hidden reasons why your body holds onto fat. For further information, attend my workshop: “Calories in / calories out – is weight loss really so simple?”. This workshop will explain other factors influencing how and why your body holds onto fat; excessive stress, poor sleep patterns, diet, food sensitivity and your hormones all influence your metabolism and how your body uses and stores energy.