Why I love kinesiology and you will too!

Over 10 years ago a consultation with a kinesiologist completely changed and positively influenced the entire trajectory of my life.

I had no idea the extent of emotional baggage I was carrying and had never experienced energy healing. The way I felt after my first session was simply transformational – it opened my mind, heart and soul to bright new possibilities.

I was amazed that shifting energy and changing my thoughts could so drastically change how I felt.

Emotional stress is stored in your body in cellular memories. This can restrict and impede the flow of energy, deteriorate physical function and manifest in pain. We are an energetic being, so must take care of our energetic body. Kinesiologists are trained to help you release energy blocks, let go of limiting beliefs and focus your drive to achieve your goals.

So what happens in a session?

We talk about your current health concerns, relationships, stress and whatever is troubling you in your life. Together we find a clear goal for you and I will assist you to formulate (for you to take home) a Wellness Action Plan: which encompasses all areas of health: diet, lifestyle, psychology and energetic health.

Why I LOVE kinesiology:

  • I feel calm, centred and balanced after a session
  • I understand my body better
  • I learnt how to connect into my heart and enhanced my intuition
  • I know the value of meditation and mindfulness for health
  • I mindfully choose foods and supplements that boost my vitality

I invite you to experience all of the above in a kinesiology session for yourself and feel yourself lighten and rejuvenate in the process. To encourage you to do so I would like to offer you $30 off your first appointment.

Simply book below: you’re looking for – Cath Andrews: Holistic Kinesiology Initial 90min consultation

Type “$30 discount” into the notes section or mention this article when time comes to pay.


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